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Silicon Labs is a leading provider of silicon, software and tools for the Internet of Things, internet infrastructure, industrial automation, consumer and automotive markets. Silicon Labs engineering teams specialize in software and mixed-signal design providing customers with the right power, size, connectivity and quality needed to create solutions that transform industries and change the world. Silicon Labs is particularly known for energy-friendly 32-bit MCUs, wireless MCUs, and 8-bit 8051 MCUs, wireless ZigBee, thread, Bluetooth and sub-GHz, low-power sensors, oscillators, clock generators, and buffers, digital isolation and PoE, and automotive infotainment.

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Silicon Labs

Timing Devices

End-to-end FPGA/SoC timing solutions to generate, distribute and apply precise time for multiple industries and applications.

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Silicon Labs

Blue Gecko BGM111

The BGM111 is a Bluetooth® Smart module targeted for Bluetooth Smart applications.

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