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Analog Devices: Pioneering the way with New Products

Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) is the recognized global leader of innovative, high performance data conversion and signal conditioning integrated circuits (IC) products that enable the sensing, measurement and interpretation of real-world phenomena such as light, sound, temperature, motion, and pressure into electrical signals.  Analog Devices serves over 100,000 customers with products and solutions that benefit  virtually all types of electronic equipment for industrial, medical, communications, consumer, automotive and other applications.

Avnet Electronics Marketing inventories these new technologies, providing you with the fastest and easiest way to add them to your application. Check back often as new products are being added all the time.

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Amplifier / Linear

ADA4530-1 See ADA4530-1 Details

Femtoampere Input Bias Current Electrometer Amplifier with Guard Ring Driver

Associated Boards:

  • ADA4530-1R-EBZ: 4-layer printed circuit board

ADA4622-2 See ADA4622-2 Details

30V, 7.5MHz, Low Bias Current, RRO, Precision Op Amp

Associated Boards:

  • EVAL-PRAOPAMP-2CPZ: Dual CP-8 lead LFCSP Evaluation Board
  • EVAL-PRAOPAMP-2RMZ: Dual CP-8 lead LFCSP Evaluation Board
  • EVAL-PRAOPAMP-2RZ: Dual RM-8 lead MSOP Evaluation Board Dual R-8 lead SOIC Evaluation Board

ADA4806-1 See ADA4806-1 Details
Multimode 16-bit SAR ADC Driver with Dynamic Power Scaling

Associated Boards:

  • ADA4806-1RJ-EBZ: Rail to Rail Amplifier Evaluation Board

ADA4522-2 See ADA4522-2 Details

55 V, EMI Enhanced, Zero Drift, Ultralow Noise, Rail-to-Rail Output Operational Amplifier

Associated Boards:

  • EVAL-PRAOPAMP-2CPZ:Dual CP-8 lead LFCSP Evaluation Board
  • EVAL-PRAOPAMP-2RMZ: Dual RM-8 lead MSOP Evaluation Board
  • EVAL-PRAOPAMP-2RZ: Dual R-8 lead SOIC Evaluation Board

ADA4084-1, ADA4084-2, ADA4084-4 See Part Details

Family of 30 V, Low Noise, Low Power, Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Amplifiers

Associated Boards:

  • EVAL-PRAOPAMP-1KSZ: Single KS-5 lead SC70 Evaluation Board
  • EVAL-PRAOPAMP-1RJZ: Single RJ-5 lead SOT23 Evaluation Board
  • EVAL-PRAOPAMP-1RMZ: Single RM-8 lead MSOP Evaluation Board
  • EVAL-PRAOPAMP-1RZ:Single R-8 lead SOIC Evaluation Board

Data Converter

AD7768, AD7768-4 Request Info.

24-bit, 8-Channel Simultaneous-sampling 256 kSPS Σ-Δ ADC

Associated Boards:

  • EVAL-AD7768FMCZ : Evaluation Board

AD5671, AD5672, AD5675, AD5676 See Part Details

Family of Octal 12-Bit /16-Bit nanoDACs with 2 ppm/C Reference

Associated Boards:

  • EVAL-AD5676RSDZ: Evaluation Board
  • EVAL-AD5676SDZ: Evaluation Board
  • EVAL-SDP-CB1Z: Controller Board

AD7402-8, AD7403, ADA7403-8, AD7405 See Part Details

Family of Isolated ∑r ADC Modulators for High Side Current Sensing and Bus Voltage Monitoring

Associated Boards:

  • EVAL-AD7402-8FMCZ: Evaluation Board
  • EVAL-AD7403-8FMCZ: Evaluation Board - 8 pin
  • EVAL-AD7403FMCZ: Evaluation Board - 16 pin
  • EVAL-AD7405FMCZ: Evaluation Board
  • EVAL-SDP-CH1Z: Evaluation Board

Interface / Isolation

ADN4650, ADN4651 - See Part Details

iCoupler® Dual Channel LVDS Isolators

Associated Boards:

  • EVAL-ADN4651
  • EVAL-ADN4650

ADuM110N, ADuM13x, ADuM14x, ADuM23X, ADuM24X See Part Details

Industry's Most EMC Robust Digital Isolator Family

Associated Boards:

  • EVAL-ADuMQSEBZ: Evaluation Board

ADuM4135 See ADuM4135 Details

IiCoupler Isolated 4A Advanced Gate Drivers

Associated Boards:

  • ADuM4135: Isolated IGBT Gate Driver Evaluation Board

RF / Microwave

ADF4355 - See Part Details

6.8 GHz Wideband Synthesizer with Integrated Low- Noise VCO

Associated Boards:

  • ADF4355: Evaluation Board
  • EVAL-ADP-CS1Z: SDP Adaptor Board

Video: Click here to watch this video.

HMC1099 - See HMC1099 Details

GaN MMIC 0.01 GHz to 1.1 GHz, 10 W Power Amplifier

Associated Boards:

  • EV1HMC1099
  • HMC1099: Evaluation Kit

HMC116x - See HMC116x Details

Series of High Performance MMIC VCO Family

Associated Boards:

  • EV1: Evaluation Board
  • EV1HMC1161: Evaluation Board
  • EV1HMC1162: Evaluation Board
  • EV1HMC1163: Evaluation Board
  • EV1HMC1164: Evaluation Board
  • EV1HMC1165: Evaluation Board
  • EV1HMC1166: Evaluation Board
  • EV1HMC1167: Evaluation Board
  • EV1HMC1168: Evaluation Board
  • EV1HMC1169: Evaluation Board

HMC1119/HMC1122 - Request Info.

0.25 dB LSB, 7-Bit, Silicon Digital Attenuator, 0.1 GHz to 6.0 GHz

Associated Boards:

  • HMC1119 Evaluation Board

HMC305S - See HMC305S Details

Glitch Free 0.5 dB 5-Bit Serial Control Silicon Digital Attenuator, 0.4 - 7.0 GHz

Associated Boards:

  • HMC305BLP4 Evaluation Board
  • HMC305ALP4 Evaluation Board

HMC540S - See HMC540S Details

Digital Step Attenuators in Silicon

Associated Boards:

  • EVAL-HMC1119: Evaluation Board
  • EVAL-HMC1122: Evaluation Board
  • EVAL-HMC305S: Evaluation Board
  • EVAL-HMC540S: Evaluation Board

Video: Click here to watch this video.

HMC1118 See HMC1118 Details

High Isolation SPDT Nonreflective Switch, 9kHz to 13GHz

Associated Boards:

  • EV1HMC1118LP3D: High Isolation SPDT Non-Reflective Switch Evaluation Board

HMC8038 - See HMC8038 Details

High Isolation SPDT Nonreflective Switch, 0.1GHz to 6GHz

Associated Boards:

  • EVAL-HMC8038

HMC7992 - See HMC7992 Details

Cellular Switches in Silicon

Associated Boards:

  • HMC8038 Evaluation Board
  • HMC7992 Evaluation Board

HMC930A - Request Info.

GaAs pHEMT MMIC DC to 40 GHz 0.25 W Power Amplifier

HMC753LP4E See HMC753LP4E Details

High Isolation SPDT Nonreflective Switch, 0.1GHz to 6GHz

Associated Boards:

  • 122826-HMC753LP4E: HMC753LP4E Evaluation PCB

HMC557ALC4, HMC773ALC3B See Part Details

Mixer Wideband Passive Mixers for High Performance Applications

Associated Boards:

  • EV1HMC557ALC4: Evaluation Board
  • EV1HMC773ALC3B: Evaluation Board


ADXRS290 See ADXRS290 Details

Ultra Low Noise Dual Axis Gyroscope

Associated Boards:

  • EVAL-ADXRS290Z-M: Dual-Axis Gyroscope Evaluation Board
  • EVAL-ADXRS290: Dual-Axis Gyroscope Evaluation Board

Circuits from the Lab

Reference Circuit - CN0371

Low Power LVDT Signal Conditioner with Synchronous Demodulation

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