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Hybrid Architectures Enable High Performance for Defense Systems

Autonomous and assistive defense applications look to squeeze increasingly complex computational tasks into smaller, more mobile systems.

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Optimizing Sensor Performance with Advanced MCUs

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises more comprehensive information about the world by quantifying the status of nearly everything that affects or is affected by ourselves or things around us.

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Jumpstarting Signal Chain Development in Smart Sensor Devices for the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to help individuals and businesses quantify nearly every imaginable aspect of life and industry.

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The Internet of Slacks? IoT and Smart Clothing

When you think of wearable technology you probably think about those fitness trackers that you wear on your wrist. What you probably don’t think about is your shirt, your pants or even your socks.

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The Internet of Things at Cruising Altitude: Airlines and the IoT

What are your thoughts when you step onto an airplane? “Where’s my seat?” “Is this a Wi-Fi flight?” “I hope I make my connection.”

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OCF and Thread Group Alliance Boosts Windows 10 and its Smart Home Initiative

Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) and Thread Group, recently collaborated to fire up the automated ‘smart home’ functionalities on the Windows 10 operating system.

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Mapping For Senior Care: The Potential of Bing Maps In A Growing Industry

It’s hard to admit it, but we’re all getting old. With the huge population of Baby Boomers all entering their senior years, the number of senior Americans is higher than it’s ever been.

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Going Up? Elevators, Windows 10 And The Internet Of Things

People are excited about the Internet of Things for a variety of reasons. It’s already made us more connected. And as more and more things are connected, a number of industries are poised to become faster, more efficient and more reliable.

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Maps For Your Business: It's More Than You Think

If you run a business, then you want to be found. It seems like a no-brainer right? Customers have to be able to find your store to be able to make a purchase. So you put your address and a map of your locations on your website.

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Setting a Course For A Golf Course With Bing Maps

With more than 25 million regular players worldwide, there’s no doubt that golf is one of the most popular past times on the planet. And it’s a sport that’s growing every year.

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Fueling Up On Smart Maps – Mapping Technology In Oil And Gas

It’s a political hot topic, a major export and even the reason wars have been fought. It touches almost every aspect of our lives.

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