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Avnet Hardware Hacking Webinar Series with Joe Grand

19 Oct 2016 - 14 Dec 2017

Technical Webcast


In this age of Internet-connected devices, widespread deployment of embedded systems, and high profile attacks against all things electronic, it's time we get serious about security. Through this three part webinar series, Joe Grand takes you on a journey of hardware hacking, including the tools, process, examples, and resources to help you acknowledge the threats and work towards designing more secure products.

Joe Grand (@joegrand) is a product designer, hardware hacker, and the proprietor of Grand Idea Studio. He is also the co-founder of Armored Things, which provides a secure cloud management architecture and gateway security services for IoT devices. Formerly known as Kingpin, Joe was a member of the legendary hacker group L0pht Heavy Industries and has testified before the United States Senate Governmental Affairs Committee regarding government and homeland computer security. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Boston University and a Doctorate of Science in Technology (Honorary) degree from the University of Advancing Technology.

Session 1: Tools of the Hardware Hacking Trade

Many electronic devices contain design flaws that could lead to exploitable vulnerabilities. In order to discover such flaws, hackers and engineers use a variety of tools. In this session of the three part webinar series, Joe explores the tools commonly used during hardware hacking and reverse engineering, including those that monitor/decode communications, extract firmware, and identify/connect to debug interfaces.

Live Event: 2pm ET / 11 am PT October 19, 2016

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Session 2: The Pitfalls and Perils of Poor Security

Hardware hacking and attacks against embedded systems are no longer limited to hobbyists who simply want to have fun making products do things they were never intended to do. Nation states, criminal organizations, and others looking to maliciously subvert, monitor, manipulate, or intentionally damage are now involved.

Throughout the electronics lifecycle, including semiconductor fabrication, hardware and firmware design, and product manufacturing, there lie weaknesses that can be exploited. In this session of the three part webinar series, Joe chronicles some of his favorite hacks and attacks, and highlights why all of us in the electronics industry need to take responsibility for and action towards security.

Live Event: 2pm ET / 12 noon PT November 10, 2016

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Session 3: Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Security is often overlooked during the design process. "We'll fix it later," says the engineer. "It's not worth the cost until we get hacked," says the manager. This behavior is indicative of the lack of a security mindset within an organization. Poor embedded security practices make products more likely to get hacked, whether for malicious purposes or bragging rights. In this final session of the three part webinar series, Joe discusses industry standards, best practices, and recommendations to help make systems more secure, with a caveat about why absolute security is never guaranteed.

Live Event: 2pm ET / 12 noon PT December 14, 2016

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