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New! Automotive, Consumer and Industrial - USB Design Kick Start Solution Kits

The Universal Serial Bus port standard defines the cables, connectors and communications protocols used in a bus for connection, communication, and power supply between electronic devices. The latest version of the standard is USB 3.1, and new devices and computer components that adhere to it are just starting to arrive on the market.

Avnet and supplier partners Cypress, Molex and ON Semiconductor have collaborated on a new SuperSpeed USB Solutions Guide and a "Design Kick Start Solution Kit" to aid your USB enabled design.

This new "Kick-Start" solution kits feature USB Circuit Protection products from On Semiconductor, USB Controllers from Cypress Semiconductor and USB connectors and cables from Molex. Kits include samples, literature and the new USB Host Controller Design Guide. Products include devices used in Automotive, Consumer and industrial USB applications. See the tabs below for a list of the contents provided in the kit.

Kits Contents

Each kit includes products targeted at the Automotive, Consumer or Industrial market including:

  • Prototyping kit with USB Controller
  • USB Connectors and Cables
  • Circuit Protection Devices: Transient Voltage Suppressors and ESD Protection Diodes
  • USB Host Controller Design Guide
  • USB Stick with Downloadable Avnet, Cypress, Molex and On Semiconductor USB reference material

Solution Kits

ON Semiconductor circuit protection devices for USB are designed to protect against electrostatic discharge. Ultra-low capacitance and low ESD clamping voltage make these devices ideal solutions for protecting voltage sensitive high speed data lines.

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Solution Kits

Molex USB connectors and cable assemblies provide a complete universal serial bus interconnect system for I/O devices. Molex USB products are available in standard, micro, mini, industrial and automotive styles to fit any application need.

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Solution Kits

Cypress Semiconductors USB product portfolio includes controller, hub, bridge, host, storage and Type C devices.

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