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Data Center & Cloud

The evolution of cloud computing continues at breakneck speeds. Avnet Cloud Solutions help customers move their businesses to the cloud with integrated and packaged off-premise solutions.

Evolution of Cloud Computing

Avnet works with industry-leading suppliers to bring you private cloud solutions that include converged infrastructure with automation, orchestration and data integration.

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Kontron HMIs and Display Systems for Rugged Industrial Applications

HMIs are the perfect answer to the requirements of the most extreme, demanding and increasingly complex industrial arenas.

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HP Enterprise

Infrastructure for the Modern Business and Data Center

Hewlett-Packard's strong portfolio across technology infrastructure allows customers take full advantage of the opportunities presented by cloud, big data, security and mobility.

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Intel® Gateway Solutions for the Internet of Things

Intelligent gateways perform a vital role in the Internet of Things by collecting sensor data at the network edge, then acting as a filter to analyze and normalize the data for sharing.

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