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Defense & Aerospace

Military and space programs are at the forefront of creating breakthrough technologies that are later used in consumer applications and devices. See where Avnet plays a role.

Breakthrough Technologies

Read more about the products and tools that can help you improve performance and mission safety, all while lowering the overall cost of your design.

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2M Micro-Miniature Connector Series for High Performance Applications

The 2M Micro-Miniature Connector Series product line is designed for interconnect applications requiring high performance and reduced size and weight.  

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Texas Instruments

32-Bit Precision Analog-to-Digital Converter

The ADS1262 and ADS1263 are low-noise, low-drift, 38.4 kSPS, delta-sigma ADCs with an integrated PGA, reference and internal fault monitors. 

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Technical Articles


Hybrid Architectures Enable High Performance for Defense Systems

Autonomous and assistive defense applications look to squeeze increasingly complex computational tasks into smaller, more mobile systems.

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3-D Printing Maximizes Design Flexibility in Defense and Aerospace

The aerospace and defense industries have long been developers and early adopters of cutting-edge technology.

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Def/Aero Heads-Up Displays Expand into Consumer Markets

From Google Glass to medical, automotive and gaming, HUD technology is finding new applications outside the military market.

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