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Growing Market of LED Efficiency

The future of lighting is LED! Growing efficiency, innovative form factors, wireless control and the IoT have pushed LED use to new levels in many markets.

LED Solutions

Avnet provides LED technical expertise, integrated solutions and best-in-class products, helping to accelerate you time-to-market. We have assembled a team of Avnet, Supplier and Partner resources to provide a true LED Design and Support Ecosystem.

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Technical Articles

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LEDs: The Eyes and Ears of the Internet of Things

LEDs play a truly important role in the future of the Internet of Things. After all, by themselves, they’re just lights. Or are they?

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LEDs Shed Light on New Applications — From Fighting Insomnia to Healing Wounds

LED use has dramatically increased as performance improves and costs decrease. LEDs are delivering surprising quality-of-life improvements have grown in number.

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Internet of Things: Using Wireless-Controlled Lighting to Reduce Energy Costs

Traditional mechanical wired lighting systems offer users few cost effective options in managing usage and controlling lighting expense.

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