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Sensing Solutions


Avnet provides the solutions and technical expertise to assist product designers choose the proper sensing solution, leading to reduced design cycles and time to market. Our experts can not only help you determine the right products for your appliance but also have firsthand experience designing in sensors. Their expertise can be leveraged to take advantage of design best practices, close working relationships with the leading sensor manufacturers and unbiased collaboration when evaluating trade-offs among different solutions.

Jump Start your next design

At Avnet we have partnered with Fairchild, InvenSense, Molex, Murata, NXP, STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments to support the research phase of your next sensor based design. We have assembled a library of product information, development kits, and reference designs to jump start your next project. 



The Sensing Guide

Let us help you choose the proper sensing solution. Check out our new Sensor Solutions Guide featuring the latest sensors products available from our supplier partners.

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MEMS Sensors Article

Learn how the availability of MEMS revolutionizes the sensor landscape and enabled the development of applications such as drones, autonomous vehicles, and wearables.

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Avnet Sensor Line Card

The World’s Leading Source for Sensors, Sensor Modules and Sensing Signal Chain Solutions

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System-based approach for high performance and fast time to market.

Video: FMT1000 Turnkey Motion Tracking Module

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Gyroscope components and combined sensors based on proven 3D MEMS technology

Kit: MEMS Evaluation Unit demonstrates the key properties of Murata's MEMS sensors

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Texas Instruments

Sensing solutions offering the latest innovations to meet today and tomorrow's sensing needs.

Video: Design a 16-button keypad with TI’s inductive sensing technology

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Fully integrated sensors and robust MotionFusion™ firmware algorithms

Kit: Enable rapid prototyping and development with the FireFly Development Kit

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Blends of functionality and intelligence to help customers differentiate and win in highly competitive markets.

Guide: Sensor Product Selector Guide

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Connector products for on board or off board Sensor power or signal requirements

Brief: Learn how the Brad® Ultra-Lock™ Connection System helps reduce ergonomic stress

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Unique sensor portfolio, from discrete to fully-integrated solutions, for every design need

Resource Documents: Choose the right STMicro Sensor for you next design

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