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What's Involved

The analog signal can be the input and/or the output interface to any design. The analog input signal chain receives its analog signals from keyboards, sensors, accelerometers, etc. This input signal is then conditioned or filtered via an amplifier to remove any unwanted noise or to amplify the input signal. The signal is then converted to the digital realm through an analog-to-digital (A/D) converter. CPUs are now able to understand the digital information supplied by the A/D converter.

The opposite function is performed in the analog output signal chain. The digital signal from a CPU is converted to an analog signal by either a digital-to-analog (D/A) converter or from an on-chip D/A on the microprocessor/DSP. This input signal is then conditioned or filtered via an amplifier to remove any unwanted noise or to amplify the signal. The analog signal is then outputted to the analog world via a speaker, motor/fan, LED etc.

Jump Start your next design

At Avnet we have partnered with Analog Devices, IDT, Intersil and Microchip to support the research and design phase of your next Signal Chain design. We have assembled a library of product information, development kits and reference designs to jump start your next project.


Avnet Signal Chain Solutions Guide

Learn about our specialized Signal Chain Design Support

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Avnet Analog Signal Chain Solutions Line Card

We have assembled a team of Avnet, Supplier and Partner resources.

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VGAs Manage, Optimize RF Signal-Chain Ranging

Variable-gain amplifiers, the critical part of the RF receiver signal chain.



Analog Devices Portfolio

Solutions and technologies provide customers complete analog signal chain solutions

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Microchip Analog Product Portfolio

Stand-alone analog and interface devices engineered to meet demanding design requirements

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IDT Clock and Timing Solutions

Products from full-featured system solutions to simple clock building-block devices.

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Kits & Tools

Avnet and our supplier partners offer a broad range of development kits, evaluation boards, design resources and design references to support the research phase of new projects and get your projects to market faster.

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Intersil Signal Chain products

Solutions for next-gen precision instrumentation and industrial process control applications.

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Electronic Components Engineering Support

Large or small, you’ll benefit from working with Avnet engineers. Our team will support you from design to production.

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