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Thanks to its versatility, simplicity, flexibility, backwards compatibility, built-in noise immunity and openness, USB has positioned itself as the preferred wired data communication interface in today’s world for a myriad of applications including smartphones, tablets, printers, televisions, AVRs, set top boxes, computers (even used as the internal bus for mice/ trackpads, keyboards, biometric sensors and speakers) and wearables.

This almost twenty year old interface has evolved favorably, successfully pushing the envelope of its data transfer rates to keep up to speed with the ever increasing digital content of the modern world.

These advances in transfer rates, however, don’t come for free: in order to achieve higher data throughput, the underlying silicon technology of the USB PHYs and drivers has shrunk, resulting in an elevated sensitivity to ESD stresses. Higher data rates also pose another challenge: the higher the speed, the lower the parasitic capacitance of the ESD device needs to be to maintain signal integrity.

ON Semiconductor’s solutions for USB protection addresses these design challenges by providing the lowest clamping voltage in the industry along with the lowest insertion loss at the frequencies of interest for USB 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1. Besides providing the best system performance, our broad ESD protection portfolio includes a variety of space-efficient form factors, from a fully integrated six channel solution for Super Speed Type A connector in a 2.0x1.2 mm2 flow-through package to single line 01005s that allow for maximum layout flexibility.

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ESD Suppressor TVS ±10KV 3-Pin SOT-723 T/R
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Diode TVS Array 8 Uni-Dir 5V 500W 6-Pin TSOP T/R
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ESD Suppressor TVS 15KV 6-Pin TSOP T/R
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ESD Suppressor TVS ±15KV 10-Pin UDFN T/R
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ESD Suppressor TVS 20kVKV 2-Pin XDFN T/R

USB 2.0

ON Semiconductor’s portfolio offers several ESD protection configurations to provide flexibility to the USB 2.0 system designer.

As the most ubiquitous wired interface to date, it’s common for an application to include more than one USB 2.0 ports. The TVS4201 addresses this need by providing a fully integrated option for two ports that protects not only the data lines, but also the power line. The TVS4201 is available in an space efficient TSOP6 package and features ± 30 kV level protection with a clamping voltage lower than 12 V at 25 A (8x20 µs waveform).

For space constrained designs implementing a single USB 2.0 port, the NUP2114 is recommended due to its small footprint (SOT553, 1.2x1.6 mm2), low capacitance (< 0.5 pF) and excellent clamping performance (10 V at 8 A).

Where only data line protection is required, a single copy of the ESD7L (1.2x0.8 mm2) can be employed for the data pair. Alternatively, two ESD8351s (available in 0201 package) can be used if maximum layout flexibility is required.



The introduction of USB 3.0 not only presented new requirements in terms of clamping performance and low insertion loss at higher frequencies, but also in terms of line density with the retrofit of the Type A connector with 5 extra lines to support Super Speed while keeping backwards compatibility with USB 2.0. The ESD8x16 series brings a solution to this challenge by providing a fully integrated, six channel solution in a space efficient (only 2.0 x1.2 mm2) flow-through package while maintaining an industry leading clamping  performance (less than 10 V at 16 A) and ultra-low capacitance (0.25 pF at 5 GHz).

The latest development of USB-IF, the Type C connector, is poised to gain popularity at an accelerated pace thanks to its versatility (with power delivery implemented the connector can provide up to 100 W) and ease of use (the new connection scheme is reversible). Furthermore, alternate modes include support for an input and output analog audio channel (over the SBU and D+/- lines, respectively), DisplayPort and MHL. Given the re-use of I/Os for alternate modes and for power negotiation, different protection requirements govern different lines. The ESD8x04 is the series of choice for Super Speed lines given its ultra-low capacitance and ultra-low clamping voltage, while the ESD7104 provides the bi-directional protection needed for the I/Os that could support analog audio signals, with best in class insertion loss thanks to its ultra-low capacitance. Both the ESD8x04 series and the ESD7104 are available in a UDFN10, 2.5x1.0 mm2 flow-through package.

If the usage of discrete devices is preferred, the ESD81x1 (available in 01005 and 0201 packages) will provide the required system performance for Super Speed, Legacy and Auxiliary lOs by offering low clamping voltage while presenting only 0.2 pF IO to ground capacitance. For the IOs that could carry power, such as CC, the ESD7471 is recommended. 



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