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TE Connectivity AMPLIVAR

TE Connectivity™ AMPLIVAR™ Terminals & Splices for Magnet Wire

Crimp directly to magnet wire to streamline manufacturing. There’s no need to pre-strip and no need for lead wire and soldering. Receptacles combining the insulation piercing design of AMPLIVAR™ splices and the mating interface of FASTON™ quick connect receptacles provide a method of quick, direct connection to magnet wire, eliminating the need for a separate stranded wire terminal connection. This increases production efficiency and helps reduce cost. The receptacles accept copper and/or aluminum magnet wire and produce a superior metal-to-metal compression crimp with excellent tensile strength. Both flag and straight options are offered to mate with FASTON tabs in various applications. Recent additions are flag types for use with tabs on hermetic headers in compressor motor applications. Also included are straight models with cavity retention barbs designed for stator applications.

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  • Fast, compact termination
  • Compression crimp eliminates cold solder points and weld burns for a superior electrical connection free of many contaminants
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Crimps copper and/or aluminum magnet wire
  • Statistical process controlled termination can lead to higher quality 
  • Standard models can crimp up to three magnet wires together


  • Compressors
  • Motor windings
  • Coil connections
  • Solid wire connections
  • Transformers
  • Power supplies
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