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Product & Solution Design Services

Software Services

Performed by experienced industry experts, our software assessment and consulting services help you design more user-centric products, mitigate architectural and design risks and solve critical development bottlenecks.

Software Assessment & Consulting Services

  • On-Demand Software Support Packages
  • Application Porting/Store Strategy
  • User Experience Analysis as a Service for Intelligent Devices
  • Cross-Platform Strategy
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Security
  • Holistic Security Assessment
  • Platform Hardening Analysis
  • Internationalization Assessment
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Localized User Experience for EMEA and APAC
  • New Market Evangelism
  • Ecosystem Support

For more information on Software Assessment and Consulting Services, contact Avnet Embedded's Software Services Team at services@avnet.com or (800) 474-3044.

Avnet Design &

Testing Services

Avnet offers many custom design and engineering services that range from LED testing labs to custom software solutions. Avnet also designs and sells development and evaluation kits that help engineers get to prototype faster.

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