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Product & Solution Design Services

Systems Engineering Support

Virtually any customer would benefit from working with Avnet engineers to help guide you through design and production. Technologies are constantly evolving and our engineering teams remain in lockstep with the most current trends that customers seek to integrate into their products. Our broad supplier base and experience further allow customers to procure all necessary options to deliver their industry-best products, to market.

Systems Engineers

Avnet is ranked best-in-class for informed and knowledgeable systems engineers. Every Avnet SE can boast to-the-minute knowledge of new product roadmaps, reference designs and development tools. By sharing this knowledge, Avnet SEs can greatly reduce the amount of time customers spend researching and evaluating new products or technologies. Avnet SEs also provide customers with the requisite knowledge and experience that is often overlooked by in-house shops, simply by leveraging their additional skill set as an extended team member.

Avnet SE Profile

  • Participates in ongoing training and certification programs
  • Have no less than 5-7 years of progressive experience in computer systems engineering & systems integration
  • Highly proficient in embedded server & system design from a base board and piece part level
  • Supports the needs of customers in local markets
  • Provides ISO awareness, manufacturing/assembly processes, and production work flow

How can we help you?

  • End to end product management services (Cust. & Sales Comms., Integration, Value Added Services and Vendors)
  • Engineering consults including hardware & software requirements + design req.’s for operations and performance
  • Full customer-centric solutions expertise including product performance, lifecycles, and total costs
  • Consultation regarding MTBF, EOL, and ECO processes
  • Data analysis to determine product/project feasibility



You’re the expert, but do you always have the time or tools to create your design? Avnet has more than 200 field applications and systems engineers to assist you with complex product design and integration.

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