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Supply Chain Services & Logistics

Our industry-recognized supply chain experts can help you assess your supply chain health and manage future expansion.

Maximize your supply chain and keep your products in the market longer, without disrupting production or supplies, with Avnet’s comprehensive supply chain portfolio and global scale.


& Planning

Understanding your supply chain is vital to enabling success. Avnet specialists analyze every aspect of a customer’s operation, defining its requirements and identifying solutions that streamline the supply chain processes.

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Routes to


Planning for new products or integration of new products into your supply chain can be tricky, but Avnet will help guide you with our unique insight and services.

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Inventory Management

& Warehousing

Our core services enable customers' flexibility in complex supply chain needs. Whether you're looking for options based on production volume, global scale or overall cost, Avnet offers a breadth of services designed to meet your needs.

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